Research Experience for Undergraduates

2006 student Chukwuma Nweke from Georgia Tech beside the U of I Alma Mater.
2006 student Chukwuma Nweke from Georgia Tech beside the University of Illinois Alma Mater.

The Nano-CEMMS Undregradaute Research Program at UIUC is open to all student populations, but a specific emphasis is placed on recruiting participants from minority and women-serving institutions, including from its partner institution, NCA&T.  Undregradaute Research Program students conduct summer research with faculty and graduate student mentors.

Major goals of the Undregradaute Research Program are to: 

  • Provide hands-on experience in graduate level research
  • Provide exposure to nanoscience in particular
  • Provide professional growth in oral and written communications skills
  • Increase recruitment of individuals from underrepresented groups to nanotechnology-related career fields

Each student works with a graduate student mentor who provides support and guidance. Weekly group meetings provide opportunities to share progress and gain a broad overview of the wide array of Nano-CEMMS projects.

The program also provides opportunities for students to gain communication skills. Each participant writes a publishable research paper and presents his/her findings at a closing seminar. Participants also complete pre-program and end-of-program evaluations, which form the basis for program development and improvement.

Nano-CEMMS receives applications from highly qualified college sophomores and juniors at colleges and universities in the United States and Puerto Rico. Participation in the program is extended to United States citizens and permanent residents.

If you are e interested, you may apply online or learn more about the program by viewing its official poster.