Input from business and industry is vital to ensure the successful completion of the Nano-CEMMS mission. Industrial partners provide input and guidance on the Center's overall direction and project selection. They also help to identify specific technology gaps that need to be resolved before a prototype nanoscale manufacturing system can be realized.

The Center has an Industry Affiliate Program where supporting member companies accrue special benefits and have an active role in the Center's research. Some of the benefits for Affiliate Program partners include:

  • Participation in the Center's research, activities and projects
  • Early notice of technology developments, disclosures, inventions, and scientific papers from the Center's research
  • Potential to license new technologies on a preferred basis
  • Collaboration with interdisciplinary teams of faculty and student researchers
  • Ability to leverage your research efforts with those of other corporations and NSF-funded Center research
  • Access to a diverse and talented group of students as future employees and interns
  • Access to campus research labs, equipment and fabrication facilities
  • Networking with other industry researchers working in the nanotechnology field
  • Access to and support from the Center's educational programs for middle and high school teachers and students
  • Access to Center-developed college courses in nanotechnologies

Our Industry Affiliates program provides several levels of participation with increasing benefits. If you would like to learn more about our Industry partnering program and how it might benefit you and your company, contact Andrew Alleyne, Industrial Programs Director. Professor Alleyne can be reached at (217) 244-9993, or by email at .