Exploring Nano Products

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In teams, students conduct experiments to explore nanotechnology products. Students then explain the products to the rest of the class. Finally, the instructor discusses other products that are available now and some that may be available in the future.


Students should have an introductory understanding of nanotechnology that can be provided by Kits 1 and 2.

Instruction Time:

Approximately 30 minutes


Middle or high school students


Students will conduct experiments to explore the products. Students will present the products to their peers. Students will become acquainted with some current nanotechnology products and others that may soon be available.


  • National Science Education Standards:

    • Content Standard A: Understandings about Scientific Inquiry.
    • Content Standard E: Understandings about Science and Technology.
  • Illinois State Learning Standards:

    • 13.B.5b Analyze and describe the processes and effects of scientific and technological breakthroughs.


  • 1 evaluation
  • 30 assessments
  • PowerPoint presentation on CD
  • overhead transparencies of slides
  • 9 nano-products with fact sheets, experiment sheets, and exploring materials in cloth pouches

Teacher Needs:

  • LCD or overhead projector

Online Documents:

Order Exploring Nano Products Now!