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The Nano-CEMMS Center provides a variety of teaching modules for K-12 Classrooms. Click on a thumbnail below to load more information about our materials.

Intro to Nanotechnology

This kit comes with multiple activities, which are best used in sequential order:

  1. In "The Scale of a Nanometer," students are introduced to the nanometer by imagining that a large circle of rope represents the end of a human hair and then looking at several items to estimate the relative size of a nanometer.
  2. The instructor then gives an engaging PowerPoint presentation that introduces nanotechnology. Afterwards, students watch a 10-minute movie on the work that scientists and engineers do at Nano-CEMMS. A worksheet for middle school or high school level accompanies the movie.
  3. Finally, in a supplemental "Group Research Project on Nanotechnology," students to do research in teams of 2-3 students on topics of their choosing.

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