Magic Sand

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The instructor introduces a product with unique properties called Magic Sand. Students explore its properties in a hands-on activity. They learn why it was initially developed and they learn about some of its practical applications.


Students should have an introductory knowledge of nanotechnology that can be provided by Kits 1 and 2.

Instruction Time:

Approximately 25-30 minutes


Middle or high school students


  • Students will explore and understand the properties of Magic Sand. They will know why it was first developed amd they will know some practical uses of Magic Sand.


  • National Science Education Standards

    • Content Standard A: Understandings about Scientific Inquiry.
    • Content Standard B: Properties and Changes of Properties in Matter.
    • Content Standard E: Understandings about Science and Technology.
  • Illinois State Learning Standards:

    • 11.A.3b. Conduct scientific experiments that control all but one variable.
    • 12.C.5b. Analyze the properties of materials (e.g., mass, boiling point, melting point, hardness) in relation to their physical and/or chemical properties.
    • 13.B.5b. Analyze and describe the processes and effects of scientific and technological breakthroughs.


  • 1 pound of Magic Sand
  • 1 pound of regular sand
  • 60 tiny plastic cups
  • 60 plastic drinking cups
  • 30 paper plates
  • 60 plastic spoons
  • 30 plastic knives
  • 30 plastic yellow dispensers
  • 1 sieve
  • 1 Tupperware container
  • 1 coffee filter
  • "Magic Sand" Activity Guide
  • PowerPoint presentation on CD
  • overhead transparencies of PowerPoint slides
  • 1 evaluation
  • 30 assessments

Teacher Needs:

  • LCD or overhead projector
  • tap water

Online Documents: