One-Day Workshops

Nano-CEMMS educators provide one-day hands-on workshops for up to 30 elementary, middle and high school teachers.  These workshops are intended to introduce nanotechnology to science, mathematics, and industrial arts teachers.  Emphasis is placed on project-based teaching and the need for promoting an interest in science, mathematics and engineering among their students. The workshops are often conducted during in-service days.

Teachers learn basic nanotechnology concepts through a series of learning modules that have been developed by Nano-CEMMS educators and teachers who have been prior participants of our summer institutes. During a typical workshop teachers:

  • Work and collaborate with other teachers in a interdisciplinary model
  • Gain an introductory level of knowledge about nanotechnology
  • Learn about the future economic impact of nanotechnology and the importance of developing a pipeline for U.S. engineers
  • Learn about nanotechnology products
  • Experiment with several "smart materials"
  • Make a nanotechnology material
  • Engineer a control system
  • "See" things at the nanoscale
  • Participate in role play activities about the societal impacts of nanotechnology

Workshops can be held at your school if travel expenses are covered. Please contact Polly Kroha, the Center's Managing Director, at  to organize a workshop for your district.