Advanced Control Systems

Lead Faculty Researcher: Andrew Alleyne, MechSE, Illinois
Lead Faculty Researcher:
Andrew Alleyne, MechSE, Illinois

The Center is developing high performance motion control systems for rapid nanoscale positioning and registration required by the Center's processes.  These include state of the art algorithms and instrumentation.  One example is the Iterative Learning Control (ILC) system algorithm which provides advanced motion control for nanoscale positioning/manufacturing.  The ILC system maps input trajectories from one cycle to the next in order to converge on the best feedforward input.

The advanced motion control systems integrate feedback algorithms with feedforward and learning algorithms such as ILC.  The result is an integrated tracking algorithm that makes the maximum use of available information resulting in the highest precision tracking capability.  For both single axis systems and Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output systems, the approaches under development outperform traditional feedback and model-based feedforward algorithms.

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