Electrohydrodynamic Jet (E-Jet) Printing

Lead Faculty Researcher: John Rogers (MSE, Illinois)
Lead Faculty Researcher:
John Rogers, MatSE, Illinois

This non-contact printing process is an electrostatic based ink-jet print system capable of printing submicron dots, lines and patterns with a wide range of functional "ink" materials including polymers, nanoparticle suspensions, and biomaterials.   The resolution of this system is approaching 25 nm vs. 1-2 microns for competing piezo and thermal processes. Also, this system is capable of printing charged liquids as patterns/templates with polarities selectively controlled by electric field directions that can provide the basis for micro-assembly.

As a way to promote the development of this technology, the Center is developing for interested companies a complete easy-to-use test unit with control software and commercially available micro-pipettes that is capable of 0.5 μm resolution and has a printing area of 100X100 mm.  Contact Andrew Alleyne, , if you would like to learn more about these test units.

For more information on this research, download the full description.